The work

In addition to the vast storehouse of liberated wisdom that is found in the non-dual teachings of the East, I use the Somatic Experiencing methodology to release stress and unresolved traumatic residue from the organism, as it is a very efficacious means. 

The body is a wondrous and wonderful transformational organism. Given the right support, it knows exactly what to do in order to heal. Trauma can be healed and symptoms cleared up, invigorating the self-regulatory processes of the body and mind, and restoring your sense of wellbeing.

Pain likes to lurk in the dark. You can be sure that when something keeps the mind in a pattern of agitation and disruption, it is a given that life wants something deeply buried in the bowels of the unconscious to see the light of day, so that it can be understood and healed. There is no way around it; whatever is there, it has to be seen to be released.

There is no greater purifier than Self-knowledge and the benefits hereof are for you to be enjoyed in this lifetime. For most people it is only one or two major patterns whose grip, once sufficiently loosened, unlocks the path of stabilising in Self-knowledge. And what a blessing this is. I will be honoured if I can be of assistance.

About Harry

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I am a counselor, guide, therapist and good listener. My working style is simple and direct and full of humanity, compassion and humor.

I offer Skype or Zoom sessions so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. 

My work is informed by four decades of dedicated therapeutic and spiritual practice, i.e. western psychotherapy, meditation and the traditional teachings from India. I guide and counsel people suffering from various forms of mental/emotional distress or trauma, (including religious/spiritual trauma and coming to terms with overwhelming religious and spiritual experiences), or those who are searching for clarification and direction in their lives. 

My main aim is to help uncover the  natural ease, inner strength and inborn dignity that every human being is endowed with and to help (re)find your wholeness as a conscious human being.


Counseling/Therapy: per Skype or Zoom session – 1,15 hour, 85 Euros