Chi Nei Tsang Massage

Chi Nei Tsang was developed a long time ago by Chinese Daoist monks in mountain monasteries striving to detoxify, strengthen and refine the body in order to attain the maximum health that was necessary to perform strenuous spiritual practices. From the monasteries it became a home remedy in ancient China. In modern times it was largely forgotten, but at present it is making a revival.

Chi Nei Tsang is a beautiful form of chi-gung based bodywork and massage. Its main focus is the abdominal area, from the navel stretching out to all abdominal organs. The navel is where the embryo receives blood, nutrition and oxygen and eliminates waste material so that it can develop into the miracle of a well functioning organism. As such the area of the navel is energetically connected to every part of the body. Clients are often very surprised when they come in with back pain problems, and find healing simply by working around the navel area.

The area just below the navel is in various traditions (Aikido, Chi-Gung, Shiatsu, Feldenkrais and Yoga) referred to as the hara, the principle energy center of our body, also called “the Sea of Chi.” Science has also found that a second nervous system resides in the abdomen, one that is intricately connected to the brain, influencing our moods and perceptions.

A correctly functioning digestive system is so important for optimum health. So much stress is generated by the unhealthy demands of modern day life. Emotions need to be digested in the same way as food needs digestion. An excess of stress is hard to digest and will accumulate in our physiology and organs. It is curious that most body treatments put more attention on massaging the neck, back and limbs than on the very core region where many of our emotions get stored – our belly. Chi Nei Tsang treatment focuses primarily on the abdomen but includes a full body massage as well. After a session you will feel cleansed and deeply relaxed.


“I don’t know where to start with my thanks to Harry as there are so many!  Harry is an enormously gifted healer (he healed a serious burn in 45 minutes!), a fantastic therapist and a wonderful friend.” Amelia Griffiths

“Harry is a Master at channelling Chi. Not only does he have magic hands, he has a big heart and could not be a kinder person. I have had the good fortune to have received Harry’s treatments several times and each one has been a wonderfully healing and powerful experience. I am a student of Chi Nei Tsang myself and Harry’s treatments are on the same level as my incredible teacher Karin Sorvik, who is also a Master practitioner of the Taoist Healing Arts. You will not be disappointed, your money will be very well spent and will be a very good investment in your health and wellbeing.”  Erika Tourell, Yoga Teacher/Physical Therapist