Body-Mind Reset

These four hour Body-Mind Reset sessions are specifically designed to help you make a big step forwards, by having the time to explore and assimilate difficult emotional material or deep life issues. If you are at a point in your life where the urgency is high, these sessions have proven to provide the ground for profound change. A single session can literally help you achieve months of therapeutic work.

The session will consist of an individually tailored combination of the different healing modalities that I specialise in suited to your particular needs – Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang Emotional Release Body Work, Kundalini Yoga, Chi-Gung healing, Johrei healing, Sound healing, Meditation, Visualisation, and the ancient Knowledge tradition of India.

A session is always preceded by a half hour Skype conversation so that you can get a sense of who I am and I can be informed and prepare the session.